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Despite all we are facing right now, God has been pouring a life-changing, soul-saving, and delivering truth into my spirit. It is time to fully expect and then remain excited for every thing and every promise made to us to fully come to pass. When has God ever failed to perform His Word? NEVER! The enemy would like for us to begin to give in to doubts in the waiting seasons. NEVER! As I took the platform recently, God quickened my spirit with this…if we fully trust and fully believe His promises, we will become and remain excited. I feel a new thrill inside just realizing He has never failed me. After 56 years of full-time service for my King, He has never once failed to completely do all that He said he would do.

Today, I am thrilled to tell you that your every promise and hope will never allow you to be ashamed. Together, as we walk prophetically through many new doors and into brand new places and simply take advantage of many new and greater opportunities, we shall begin to witness greater glory and all of our household will join us in these exciting new victories. I must say to you again THANK YOU FOR GIVING TO THE LORD. MANY, MANY LIVES ARE TOUCHED AND CHANGED EVERY DAY! Yes, your faithful support will be presently and eternally rewarded, God has already spoken it. We love and appreciate you and your kind spirit so much.

Because Cathy and I feel like you are family to us, we want to let you know that on April 3rd, we will be celebrating our 50th Wedding Anniversary. I am the most blessed husband, father, and pastor of all. If you would like to join this celebration, I would be so honored if you would send Cathy a personal note and help me to honor her for all she means to us. Her extremely valuable and anointed ministry has touched lives literally around the globe. We expect this to be the beginning of our greatest and most effective soul-winning season of all.



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