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Cathy and I are here to pray with you, speak blessings over you & your family, and every need. In these changing times, God has been pouring out a tremendous amount of needed promises for us. Remember that this is destined to be our year of manifestation. We love you and honor you so very much. We will see God’s glory and we want His absolute best for you in this season of reaping all we have sown. You are God’s child and He loves you so much!

As we enter the second half of this year, I want to reassure you that only God knows your future. This glorious word from God spoke to my heart so strongly, “You cannot ever fully count the cost of service, in advance.” Look at this truth “only Jesus knew, in advance what all he would have to endure.”

When I left my parents’ home in December 1965 to begin my full-time ministry, I had no clue all that I would have to endure to remain faithful to His calling. But I already decided that I would never turn back. I would do whatever I had to do to fulfill my calling. I have been blessed, a few times, to dine with the rich and famous, but mostly I have learned to suffer in the struggles of hurting people in impoverished countries and those whom I serve every day in their need. God knew my future before He called me. I want you to be reassured today that He knows all the plans that he has laid out for you and your family. Although the world around me is still challenging and changing, I will keep on the path of obedience because, I know what lies ahead, “a crown of life for me and all who love His appearing.”

I want you to take a moment and just be silent before God. He wants to rest your soul in His presence and faithfulness toward your life, family, and future. God alone knows the plans that he has designed just for your future and the completed manifestation of your reward. Never allow the end time message to bring fear but a greater consolation that your Father has already planned your life with His love in mind and His purpose for eternal kingdom joy.



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