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As we enter a new year, we know it potentially is full of unknown situations and circumstances. I am here to speak this awesome and unchanging truth into your spirit and tell you that your God will be walking with you every moment. I ask you to remember daily that 2022 is destined to lead us into a new season of blessings and transformations as we experience new growth within ourselves and in the lives of all who choose to take a stronger stand for God. There will also be decisions that we, as individuals, must make if we are to walk into the fulfillment of our individual callings. We must choose to become our Lord’s modern-day disciples. Like Daniel and the three Hebrew children, we must decide now what we will do daily to increase our closeness with the Lord. I remind you that if we choose to obey Him we will fully enjoy our “God-Planned Destinies.” I have chosen to allow God to use me in any new way that He knows is best for me, my family, and in every area of this ministry. True faith is so rewarding. I also sense the Spirit speaking that, as we follow God closely, we will see the reward of our lifetimes of service. It is all for His glory.

For years, God has given me promises to watch for and things He wants us to be aware of in the days ahead of us. As He gives me insights, I place them in a written declaration that I call the Prophetic Scroll. God has already begun to reveal to me some of these exciting prophetic insights. I know that they will correct and direct our footsteps and that, if followed, they will lead us into His divine will, protection, and blessings for our lives. It will affect us, our families, and even our ever-changing relationships.

I can testify that, even with all the terrible attacks throughout the land in the past years, Spirit of Truth has not only survived, but God has allowed us to THRIVE! Every need has been met. Every outreach has been blessed and soul-winning is increasing. Be confident and expect God to do greater things for you as you begin your reaping and restoration season.

If you would like to accept these promises, simply request your Prophetic Scroll when you reply today. Do not forget to share with us all your current concerns and prayer needs. We do care. We love you, we appreciate you, and we are excited to help you walk victoriously through all the treacherous days and circumstances that we know lie before us.

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