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God's Purpose Will Prevail by Pastor Don Young

What an honor it is to be called into the service of our Lord. The Lord has really been impressing on my spirit that He called us “on purpose.” There are no accidents in God. God wanted a specific person, just like you, to live out a part His masterful plan on Earth. You and I were called on purpose and for a specific purpose that is unique just to us. We are so blessed. A tremendous revelation has flooded my soul over the last few months and here is what I have come to understand: Every person has their own mind. Within that mind is every memory (good or bad) plus every experience, abuse, heartbreak, disappointment, as well as every good thing. This is what I refer to as “my world.” No one has it but me. We all have a different outlook on life because we are all seeing from the perspective of our own “world.” Often, I hear someone talking about the possibility of failure. I realize we all have had failures, but I noticed in scriptures that there has never been a time when God failed to fulfill His purpose. He does all things “on purpose.” Here is where I am going with this...The reason Abraham and Sarah could not die until Sarah had a son is because they were chosen for God’s purpose. These two had to birth their purpose which was God’s purpose. They had to have an Isaac and there had to be a Jacob who would become Israel. God called this old couple “on purpose.” His purpose was for the nation of Israel to come forth through them. Jesus’s birth would eventually allow all men to see the eternal purpose. How could they possibly grasp the fullness of it?

Mary was given a Godly purpose. As we all know, she accepted God’s purpose for her life and was allowed to produce the Messiah and our Savior. Nothing shall be impossible with God when we simply yield and are willing to be a part of His purpose. You are called into His purpose and the enemy cannot stop you from fulfilling your part of that purpose. It is ordained of God for you to fulfill what He has already planned for your life. Remember when the prophet Jonah tried to run away from God’s purpose? He was swallowed by a great fish, spewed out and finally became obedient to God’s purpose for his life. He was pushed into obedience because the purpose of God was given to him to fulfill. God knew that 120,000 souls were facing destruction. Jonah was chosen to speak God’s plan to all who lived in Nineveh. Remember this...God will do whatever is necessary to fulfill His purpose on Earth. I feel like telling you that it is God’s time to begin the process of your purpose. You must not fear and must do whatever God is speaking to you to do for His glory. Begin taking steps of obedience today. God will guide and direct you to the fulfilling of a greater purpose for you and benefit all of your loved ones as well. Accepting God’s purpose “on purpose” holds great power.



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