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“Holy Confrontation” Will Bring Your Manifestations by Pastor Don Young

As we enter this brand new year, we want you to join us, here at Spirit of Truth, in welcoming what God is planning for our lives, bodies and families for 2018. Please hear me when I say, “God has plans to bless your life” (Jeremiah 29:11). Then, Jeremiah 30: 17 states, “I will restore health to thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds, sayeth the Lord.” His thoughts about you are thoughts of blessing and to give you an expected end.

I know that you may be wondering just what it is that needs to happen for God to release His promises into your hands. I have been hearing a clear word from God for several weeks now. The Lord is already setting up the circumstances (what I call “Holy Confrontations”) that can create changes which in turn lead to our “Miracle Manifestations.” Looking back over my 51 years in full time ministry, I can so clearly see that God has always been faithful to set up the divine circumstances and situations that were needed to thrust us forward into a new arena of manifestation. My question to you today is “Are you ready for God to being the confrontation process that is needed to bring about your changes and manifestation?” Abraham had to leave his father’s house, his homeland and all that was familiar to begin the process that created mighty miracles and produced what we today know as Israel. Sometimes we are asked to make a bigger sacrifice of obedience. Often, it means stepping out from where are familiar or comfortable into a new place of acceptance for what God needs to do in our life. This step will change us all so that He can fulfill His will in us and bless us. Oh, I am excited for the changes God is ready to produce within you and through you. 2018 is destined to be your year for those needed miracle confrontations and victorious manifestations.

33 years ago, Cathy, my children and I were comfortable and successful, working in ministry with my family in the South. Then suddenly and unexpectedly, God began to trouble the waters and I was quickly thrust into what would be the beginning of the ministry I have today. God brought about a personal “Holy Confrontation” and like Abraham and his nephew, Lot, God parted our families so we both would be able to fulfill His plan for us. Today, it is easy to see that God had different but glorious thoughts to bless us and for an expected end. We have now reached over 200 nations with the gospel for three decades because we yielded quickly to that Holy Confrontation when God brought it to us.

As I sit here writing this to you, I feel so strongly that you too are on the cusp of your own holy confrontations. God alone knows His thoughts toward you and what changes are needed to bring about the manifestation of your victories. God can send the right person or influence to bring your loved ones to Jesus. God often has to work on the “other end of the line” on your behalf to set up a divine encounter that begins the manifestation process. I want you to begin to open your faith eyes and expect those God ordained confrontations from the Lord. Together, we will see a glorious year as we stand and agree.

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