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God Help Me to Protect My Destiny by Pastor Don Young

I want to share with you what God is showing me. When God made Adam, He placed within the first man all the destinies of every man that would ever be born. Inside of that man was the future potential genius of Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, and all who would create or invent the benefits we all enjoy. In his loins were every man, woman and child ever to be born. God opened His side and made for him a helpmate, Eve - the mother of us all. When she chose to doubt God, she came as close as anyone could to destroying her destiny as the mother of humanity. Her son, Cain, would later kill his brother, Abel, and wipe out 50% of the potential and future of man on earth. God intervened and gave another son, Seth, to restore the destiny of mankind. When the world chose to abandon God and His destiny for them, God wiped out the rebellion while allowing Noah to restore destiny for future mankind. God saved 8 souls on the ark and began fresh with His plan for mankind’s destiny. Later, God saw again that mankind had disregarded their potential destiny so He chose a moon-worshipper, Abraham, to begin to restore God’s purpose. Out of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, God would revive His destiny plan and create the nation of Israel. God always has someone who is willing to fulfill His destiny on the earth. I feel like you and I have that kind of a heart for God today. We will protect what God has placed within us and see destiny fulfilled. It will bless us and our children and even our children’s children. This purpose is designed of God to be ours for our whole house and for all eternity.

Let me tell you that, when God made the first apple tree, He never had to reinvent it. We, today, are still eating the same apples that that were placed within those first apple seeds. It has been said, “You can count the seeds in an apple, but no one can count the apples that will come forth from one apple seed.” God has chosen to use you for His eternal destiny. The enemy knows you and his job is to hinder, confuse or destroy God’s destiny for you and your family. I want to ask you to walk carefully each day in obedience before your Lord and protect your destiny. God deposited His seed of destiny in you and He watches over that which is of Him and He will bring the greatest fruit through our acts of obedience.

I am seeking God for a prophetic word for you and the body of Christ to hold on to during the attacks that we will all face throughout 2018. If you’d like to receive it, just ask when you write back this month. For many years, I have been blessed to decree a prophetic destiny word over God’s children. God always brings it alive, especially in our times of greatest attack and need. I love how God knows our future. He plans our destiny and, even if we fall, He will revive us. His destiny plans and His blessings are specifically chosen just for us. Whatever your current situation, please allow Cathy and me to agree upon God’s Word for and with you. That is our calling and our greatest joy. We love you, appreciate you, and thank you for helping us to continue and increase your global soul-saving efforts. Together, we will see a glorious year as we stand and agree. Cathy, our children and I love you for helping make possible every soul-winning outreach and bring God’s unborn children safely home to their father.



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