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Spiritual Daylight Savings Time Begins by Pastor Don Young

I am excited today because the Word of God teaches that He will be in control of everything we place into His hands. I am going to ask you right now to stop and consider a question that one of our young ministers posed to us as we began the year: “Can we just trust God?” In this season, our ministry moto has been “ALL THINGS” work together for the good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose. We must begin to be very serious about this truth. Either God is in control or we are. Either all things are working for our good or they are not. Think about the implications of what I just said. If God has this, we have nothing to fear. Some would say, “But you don’t know what I am personally facing right now.” Well, if “all things” are included in your story then all things will turn out to benefit you and then glorify our great God.

During this month, we will experience the end of Daylight Savings time. We will turn our clocks forward one hour. Imagine if God said that He would turn back our clock? I want us to believe together that God can reverse the decisions that time may have made against us. Whatever the past was and whatever the future was going to bring, God can reverse it and turn it into a blessing.

God has been dealing with me a lot lately about His Will and His Destiny for our lives. That is really all that is eternally important to a believer. I am rediscovering that I do not want anything in my life that is not according to my God’s will for my life, ministry or family situation. That, my friend, is pure destiny-thinking. I feel in my spirit that God will deal strongly this year with some among us who are resisting and stubbornly rejecting His plans to change and, yes, ultimately bless their lives. God does not force His will on anyone. We must intercede for those who are bound in this kind of situation and pray for the daylight of God’s will to shine upon them. Our God is still more than able to do anything, anytime, and for anyone.

March is also the month when Spring begins. It is a new season to bring forth what has lain dormant in the soil all winter. What seed is it that you have planted and are waiting for its harvest? Listen, every seed promise that God has ever planted in your life must come forth. You will live to see everything God has told you that you will experience. God cannot fail to perform His holy Word.

I feel that we are on the verge of the greatest manifestation of miracles and healing in our lifetimes. Remember, the soil is your life, the seed is God’s word of promise and He is the Lord of the harvest. Get ready for ALL THINGS to come forth. This is the beginning of your blessing season. Together, as we stand and agree, we shall see a glorious year.



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