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A Victorious Resurrection…What Is Next? A True Jubilee by Pastor Don Young

Recently, the world was again made aware of the sacrificial death and glorious resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. As we passed that season, I was asked, “What is next for the church?” Through much prayer, the Lord gave me a life-changing revelation that I had never quite seen before. We know that the disciples were a bit confused at what was next for them; Peter decided to go back to fishing. Jesus had been buried and, although Jesus revealed himself to the disciple several times after resurrection, Jesus seemed to have a “new body” and it was all too much to understand. So, Jesus appeared to Peter at the lake and asked him, “Do you love me?” He asked him three times. Then, He told him to begin to feed His lambs and sheep. In Acts 1, we learn that Jesus stayed around for 40 days teaching and proving Himself. The Lord led the disciples out of town and told them not to depart from Jerusalem and wait for the promise and there they would be endued with power from on high. Now, we can see that there would be 50 days from Resurrection to Pentecost. Pentecost means 50 or the blowing of the trumpet of Jubilee! From across the nations, true believers had come to Jerusalem for the annual feast of Pentecost. When the Holy Ghost came upon 120 in the Upper Room, who were waiting on the promise to come, it happened! Peter stood up, newly empowered, and preached about a Risen Savior and 3,000 accepted the Lord. Thus, began the New Testament church. Let us look at Pentecost…although it had long been an annual feast, now it was the starting date of God’s church on earth. No longer would God just meet His children in an earthly temple. Now, He could live within the hearts of all who believed on His name. Pentecost is more than a feast; it reminds us what scripture had promised - total restoration of all things lost. Pentecost and Jubilee mean “50.” God had promised His people that after every 49-year cycle, He would do three things: (1) Everyone who was in prison would be set free…EVERYONE! No matter what the crime or reason. When the priests blew the trumpet of Jubilee, throughout the nation, everyone was freed to go back home and were given a fresh new start. (2) If, during the 49-year cycle, a man got into financial difficulty and had to sell his property to pay the bills, when Jubilee began, all debts were paid and every man got his land deed back. (3) God commanded His people not to sow anything in the year of Jubilee and said, “I will cause the crops to grow of their own accord and feed you all year. Rest!”

Now, what does this mean for us? The calendar is showing us what is next. Just as sure as we have Good Friday and Easter on our calendar, we also have Pentecost Sunday. Until now, it held much less of a meaning than what God wants for us. God spoke clearly to my spirit and said, “Tell my children to expect their own personal Jubilee.” Expect Jubilee! In the Upper Room, 120 expected a visitation from God they had never experienced before. It happened because they expected it. It will happen for us as well. Do you have loved ones who are bound in some kind of “sin prison?” Have you lost “property?” - I don’t necessarily mean dirt or land. In this hour, our property means our offspring/children and loved ones. God allowed Jesus to pay for their new beginning and your total restoration with his own bodily sacrifice. Please allow us to simply stand with you, in faith, as you expect a full Jubilee in your life



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