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Jesus Is The Word, But Satan Has A Word Too by Pastor Don Young

I want to speak a bold word of love and warning to you today. As we began 2018, the Lord told me that this will be a year of great change. He let me know that whatever is hindering you and whatever must change for you to witness God’s promised blessings will change. I feel a warning is needed so that you are not blindsided by the ways these changes come. You may have to see unexpected changes in the attitudes in people around. Remember this, NOW WE KNOW THAT ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR THE GOOD TO THOSE WHO LOVE THE LORD, WHO ARE CALLED ACCORDING TO HIS PURPOSE.

I feel like something is coming your way that may bring discomfort to you for a moment, but it is necessary to allow your completed answers to come. I remember the old saying, “This too shall pass.” Now, I realize that it may feel like a kidney stone passing, but it will pass. Once these changes come, you will never be the same. Relax and embrace God’s wisdom and His plans for you. This summer is destined to be a season of changes. I am ready to expect the changes that we need and that we have waited for over 51 years. Destiny is alive in us all right now. God has not forgotten His word to you. Timing is so important. Your blessing time is coming, right on time. Focus on what God has already promised. His promises cannot fail. Expect changes and watch God at work.

Recently, I was preaching about Jesus; how He is the Word of God made flesh. He only speaks the truth and has never allowed His word to become void. Yet, Satan has a word too. How many times have we all accepted Satan’s lying words over Jesus’s true Word? Jesus has never lied, and Satan has never told a truth. I feel like the lies of the enemy may be trying to rob you from some of the great truth God has spoken over you, your family, and your future, as if there is a satanic storm cloud of lies trying to block the heavens from your view. We must maintain our confidence in the God who has made so many promises. Like Sarah & Abraham, we too will bring forth the harvest of God’s promise and all of His provision, if we stay faithful. I want you to start right now and claim the greater works ministry to overshadow your life and family. Sure, you can expect the liar to try daily to steal the true word from your heart; he is a deceiver and cannot be trusted. Beginning today, I declare that we, together, will agree only on God’s truth and, starting right now, we will reject the lies and effect of Satan’s lies concerning every detail of our promises. Believe with me that all the lies are completely broken off our bodies, families, and future.



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