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WAITING by April Young

I woke up at 7AM with this on my mind and felt like I needed to write. It's amazing, the times we are living in. Everything is always rushed. Everyone, yesterday, was already celebrating Valentine's Day and going to dinner and giving gifts. Not because they were gonna be busy today, but because they knew the restaurants would be full today or they just couldn't wait. That's the life we live now. A life of convenience. "I don't HAVE TO wait." What is that teaching us? We literally rush everything. We want everything now! We don't want to wait.

We don't want to wait for food, mail, God and definitely not on marriage. We are living in a world of "get it now" mentality. How do Christian standards get pushed so easily aside? Whether you are single, divorced or widowed... Wait! Sex is for marriage. Just because that's not the norm in America today, and you may get laughed at and made fun of, hold up a standard against sin. Popular or not, I'm going to say it, sex before marriage is both a sin and toxic on people's emotions. Christians, this lifestyle is not okay and should not be condoned. In this rushed generation, people don't want to live for God because they get discouraged. God loves to make us wait, because that makes us solely dependent on Him... And Him ONLY! We learn in our waiting time. When we are completely broken, we heal in our waiting time. But it's up to us how we spend that time. Are we going to give it all to God and let Him heal us or are we going to throw ourselves into dark places and keep harming ourselves over and over until we FINALLY surrender it all to Him? There are some things we can make easier on ourselves... Trusting God completely speeds up the healing process. Why is it that the only thing we want to prolong in our life, is holding onto hate, hurt, unforgiveness, unrighteousness, sin?

I choose to wait on God wholeheartedly. I will wait for marriage. I will wait for God's plan to unfold. I will enjoy my time with Him. I will wait, because that is where I will find MY peace in this hectic world. I encourage you, find your peace in waiting.



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