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Today is a good day. God is in control of all that we trust to His keeping. As God woke me this morning, He gave me a promise for you and for all who belong to him. I realize that the world is quickly changing and the enemy still hates God’s kingdom. Even many of our leaders seem to have an agenda to work against God’s children. But, never fear; instead, remember that God always has a remedy. I am going to prophesy the Word of the Lord for you now. God loves to perform His blessings and His divine protective Word for His children. There is coming a famine for the true Word of God. There will also be diverse types of famine on the earth. I heard the Lord speak for me to sow blessings against the troubled days ahead. He asked us to begin laying up spiritual treasures so that He, in turn can allow us to reap physical and natural increase instead of famine. Notice what Psalm 37:19 declares, “They shall not be ashamed in the evil time: and in the days of famine they shall be satisfied.” This word is not to induce fear, but it will allow us to sow what we will need to reap instead of loss, poverty and shame. I have never received such a powerful promise which will protect us against the uncertain days of famine and loss in our lands. God wants you to have “abundance instead of famine.”

Here at Spirit of Truth Ministries, I am ready to take some of our greatest financial steps ever, so that we can proclaim salvation, healing, and total deliverance of souls everywhere. We are clearing our newly purchased property and are planning for new buildings so that we will have the needed space for more multi-media outreaches and world-changing ministries. This is not the time to slow down our evangelistic and soul-winning efforts. I see why God wants us to have seeds of increase planted in His kingdom, so, in the day of famine, we will not even be affected by it. You know that I have rarely spoken about seed time and harvest, but I must prepare all who desire to listen to this fresh word and who will receive this unfailing promise: You will be famine proof, and not ashamed, whatever comes against your future. Every gift will be more effective as we sow together in this soul-winning act of obedience. In God’s Kingdom, there is never pressure to obey or give, but there is will be a greater promised harvest than we have witnessed in 51 years of faithful sowing and reaping.



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