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I am amazed with what I see happening in God’s kingdom. A dear friend in ministry was recently diagnosed with cancer in the heart. After prayer and agreement, the doctors have declared that there is no cancer in the heart, only blood clots remain. Also, we have witnessed a sudden change for a loved one, who doctors said was going on life support. Doctors were asked to delay the process until prayer could be given. This lady had to be on oxygen 24 hours a day; it was the only possible way she could breathe. God has stepped in and there is new life - no more oxygen tanks are needed and she can drive & go anywhere without pain. We know that nothing is too hard for our Father God to do. We are His children. We were created for His glory.

Recently, I taught how important God’s Word really is to Him. He will honor His word above His name! When the word of the prophet, Isaiah, came to King Hezekiah “Set your house in order for you will die and not live,” Hezekiah began to pray and to ask God for extended days. Within 20 minutes, God spoke to the prophet to return to the palace and speak a new word of life over Hezekiah. God said, “The sign that you will live 15 more years will be I will cause the sundial to reverse its shadow 10 degrees (20 minutes).” God stopped time and the sun backed up where it was 20 minutes before. Imagine the importance that God shows us in this event. God reversed time backward10 minutes to the time it was before His prophets first word was spoken. God can reverse any situation and you too will see God change your diagnosis. This month, Cathy and I want to agree with you as we pray for you to see reversals of attacks against your life and every need you are facing, during this 8th month; the number 8 means new beginnings.

I have been so thankful for every financial miracle we are seeing as we press into God’s new beginnings here at Spirit of Truth Ministries. God is opening doors of amazing financial increase and blessing to those He has chosen to take His word to His lost and hurting children. God has spoken boldly to us that we must take a stand against the bondages of sin and call for salvation for our families and all we are called to bring in to the kingdom. We all have an eternal responsibility to win the lost children of God back to Him.

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