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I AM SO THANKFUL by Pastor Don Young

Recently, I suggested that all those who love the Lord take time out of our busy schedules to give praise and worship to our God for even the small stuff. Remember, God lives in the praises of His people. The Bible tells us to “give thanks in ALL circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” Your prayer needs and special requests are now upon God’s altar. As we enter the fall and winter seasons, October will bring us the annual Spirit of Truth Ministry Conference. I am so excited about what I feel that God has in store for each of us who can attend this conference. I know that God will speak through me and each guest about His perfect and present will for His people. Then, all through November, we will be fervently planning for our annual Appalachia Christmas Giveaway that will happen early in December. We must maintain a diligent and constant pace to reach all these powerful ministry goals. This is just another reason that Cathy and I appreciate your love and your dedication to bless many hurting people, those our great God loves so much. I truly love to see souls saved, delivered and set free by God’s outstretched hands. Though our bodies may get tired, it is always more than worth our efforts, eternity will be so rewarding for us all. I have been teaching one of my most important revelation series ever on what it takes to “enter into and fully witness our personal Promised Land living.” When God led Israel into their Promised Land, he took them by Gilgal. Gilgal means rolling away the reproach of our past lives and sins. Then, He marched them around the walls of Jericho. Jericho means the curse. Today, God wants to remove the reproach of our past lives and walk with us past all our hindrances and curses. Only then can we enter our many promises and enjoy them without continually living with the remembrances and feeling of old condemnations and past curses. We can and we will enter into our family’s total freedom in Christ…all, my friend, that Jesus paid for. Be in much prayer for us as we take even bolder steps in our ministry and as we lead God’s willing children into their promised freedom.



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