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Recently we were invited by friend and singer-songwriter, Paula Stefanovich-Price, to share and speak at the first “Worth It Conference” in St. Louis. We all experienced a pure move of God like we have never witnessed before. We saw how worshiping God is always worth it! We came away realizing the power of being serious in how we obey and honor God’s word for our lives. Our Spirit of Truth Conference theme has taken on a whole new meaning and will continue to produce a glorious new excitement as we fully realize how far the body of Christ has drifted away from God’s intended purpose for our lives.

Just as we are witnessing a great falling away from the church, we are also seeing that all those who are truly hungry for God have a renewed interest in obeying God’s truth and His plans which are always right and the only thing that will bring the fulfillment of family salvation, healing, and peace. It still takes obedience to every word that proceeds from His mouth.

I am seeing the plans of God taking on a totally new and perfect meaning. While many are lowering the standards of God to please men, God never lowers His standards to please anyone. His word cannot be changed. To bring back those who have drifted away from God, I feel like we are experiencing Hebrews 12:27 (paraphrased) “God will shake everything that can be shaken, and only the kingdom will remain.” If you are witnessing everything around your life being shaken, rejoice! When God removes the shakable, only His blessings will remain standing about your life.



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