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NO WEAPON FORMED... by Hayley Gilmore

I just kept repeating to myself yesterday that no weapon formed against me shall prosper. It's really amazing how God has already given us the truth about everything that will ever happen to us. We just have to dig it up. Trusting in the Lord isn't about skipping through the flowers and just letting God take care of it all. It's about recovering what God has planted throughout our lives. It requires work. Just like every other relationship, except this one is the most important so it requires the most attention.

Some things are buried near the surface, some are buried deep and need longer attention and, some things could be just tossed on the surface to be found easily, but all things must be sought after. As we journey, we've been equipped with everything we need to find what God has for us, but equipment doesn't do the work. It requires an operator. We are not defenseless. God is our defender and, whatever He is in, He will defend. All we have to do is stand up for what we believe. I believe God is for us and not against us and whatever weapon formed against me shall not prosper



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