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Looking back over 2018, we have seen exactly what God spoke to our hearts that we would experience throughout the year. It has been a year of Holy Confrontations and Divine Catalysts that were God-sent and designed to bring about life-changing effects. We often cannot see the pure goodness that comes with these kinds of changes. Remember, God told us that we would experience His intervention in all life’s circumstances and situations. Many great changes are still in progress and God will be right there with us to navigate us into His completed glory and perfect blessings. Trust me, “It’s gonna be good.” Recently, the Lord showed me a truth that we all will need if we are to come into the fullness of His promises. When Moses was sent to Pharaoh to deliver God’s children, 2.5 million sons of God were bound in slavery and had been for 430 years. After the children of Israel placed the blood over their doorposts (made a covenant), God brought every one of them out in one dark night. As they headed toward their promised land, we find that God led them by a pillar of cloud by day and by a fire every night. Listen, they never had to live in the darkness of night for 40 years of travels. My friend, God spoke to me that he is bringing the glory cloud (light of revelation) to us and we too will not know Satan’s dark night, again. I want you to accept this truth with us today. Just as all of God’s families were delivered in one dark night, all our families will soon experience freedom from all bondages and captivity. All for Jesus’ name sake. This is God’s sacred promise to His children.

This year, as we again celebrate the baby Jesus coming to save us all, let us fully believe for total deliverance for all our families. Remember, God brought all His children, once bound in Egypt, out in one dark night, He also took all His children into their promised land. This is God’s time for us to accept what Jesus came to live and die to accomplish, for us all. This Christmas can surely be our greatest manifested blessing season ever.



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