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Mondays are usually a day filled with office work after the long weekend and catching up on all the “stuff.” But today I had a rare opportunity to just relax and spend the evening by myself, reflecting on how good God is. I’ve been in Granite City most of the weekend being reminded what worship is and it’s importance.

We are to worship God in the good times, the trials, the confusion, the hurt, the loss, the joy, the excitement... all the time. It almost seems impossible because we put our feelings at the forefront of our decisions. I could make the decision to worship, but I’m angry. I could make the decision to worship, but I’m tired. I could make the decision to worship, but I’m sad. That’s when we need to refocus and worship him anyway. Hallelujah anyhow! We had a powerful service in Springfield on Sunday night and all we could do was worship God and tell Him how good He is. Robert wasn’t even able to give his message because the atmosphere was set to worship God and thank Him for His goodness.

Things won’t go the way you planned. People will hurt you no matter how much you love them. Circumstances will change... but God! He never changes. Never. I’m helping to set the standard for the next generation to know how MAGNIFICENT my God is. So as I’m laying on my couch, in the silence, I’m reflecting on all these things and making up my mind that no matter what... I’ll still worship. If everyone walks away from my life, if I’m stripped of all my material things...God give me the strength... because I NEVER want to lose my worship. 🙌🏼



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