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FAITH AND FREEDOM by Pastor Don Young

I have always loved 4th of July and the many blessings of this season. I feel the strong wind of God beginning to blow upon His promises and I sense a fresh anointing is being poured out upon all who will simply receive it. I refuse to fear what is in the air around us. I refuse to bow down to the attacks being hurled at God’s precious children. I refuse to turn around and back into even one of the bondages of Egypt. I can feel the Promised Land dirt literally under our feet. Over the past months, I have developed a vast array of sermons on the many Passovers; from Egypt to passing over into our personal Promised Land. I do not feel one bit afraid to march forward and receive all that my Father has spoken and all that He has already promised to provide. Listen, this is the hour of our glorious independence from all the threats of our present enemy. Whatever is attacking you is just a lying new threat and it cannot remain. This weapon formed against you will not be able to prosper!

We are halfway through the year where God has promised that He would shake everything that must be shaken, so that only His kingdom principles and His promises can be established. I have never witnessed such a glorious shaking as we are in the midst of right now. I am seeing the results of the blessings that are derived from God’s holy ghost divine interventions. Do not look at the things that are seen, but begin today to look at the unseen, everything God does is in the unseen realm. Faith allows us to see and receive the impossible things of God. The things that are seen are temporary, but the unseen things are going to be eternal. Look up, your own redemption is drawing nigh.

Cathy and I are honored to have her sweet mother in our care. Every day she witnesses to someone, “I am 88 years old and I don’t have anything that hurts me!” Didn’t God promise to renew our youth like the eagle? I just spoke to a sister in California who testified her spiritual mother, 91 years of age, was recently given a final stage of cancer report. We agreed that she would reap her healing seeds planted into the kingdom for a lifetime. She got a new report that there is no longer any cancer in her body. As we spoke, the Lord told me to say to you who hear me today that that thing that is trying to attach itself to you cannot remain in you. Like the grandmother, last Thursday night, who had prayer for her granddaughter, who has a large tumor on her throat, and a week later it is completely healed. Please keep us informed as to what your faith is decreeing, what you are ready to believe God to do. We really do love you. Let’s begin to shout the glory in unity, God’s Word never fails when we ask in faith.



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