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As we enter the fall season, it seems that everything starts to change. Some people love to watch the falling leaves as it seems like the whole earth changes colors, while others start to feel a depression. So right now, I want to tell you that God is in control of all these changes and He is in control of the greatest blessings yet to come for you, your life, and future. I am so excited as we see changes that frighten the world because I know God is in control of my life and He fulfills all of His promises. You are safely tucked away in God’s hands. Please hear my spirit today. Do not allow the unfair, ungodly, or the carnal attacks upon your life to bring a moment of fear. Do not forget why God made a personal blood covenant with you. He knows every detail of your situations. He will conquer and stop every attack of Satan.

I greatly appreciate all the love you have bestowed upon me and this ministry as I passed by my 72nd birthday. As I vowed to you last month, and again as I reflect on my calling from God, as this year progresses, I have determined to be more of a blessing to your life. I want to come alongside your situations and help you lift your load. I want to serve you better by seeking God on your behalf. Remember, we are in this life and calling together. We have been called together for God’s eternal glory. That is our ultimate purpose for living.

The Lord awakened me today with this verse for you, “I will restore all that the years that have been stolen.” I heard this in my spirit and know that God is reminding us of His covenant with us to restore what the past years of loss have taken away. I feel a strong prayer-answering blessing being poured out over you for restoration of salvation for your loved ones and for health. The blood paid for it in full. So, this month, when you reply, please just pour out your heart and allow us to intercede more perfectly for whatever concerns you. We do care. Our God still has many changes and blessings in store for us this year. We humbly thank you for your God led sacrifices of support.



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