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What a blessing and a joy that you are in our lives and ministry. In these troubled days, we must have a word from God to direct our lives, families, and callings. This week, the Lord has been revealing to me that we are all on our own personal journeys. We have been liberated from our bondages. We have witnessed the power of our Passover, from Egypt’s (sin’s) bondages, and now we are headed to the fulfillment of everything God has ever promised. That, my friend, will be our “Promised Land” experience. We are together on a spiritual journey.

2.5 million Israelites had just crossed over the Red Sea where they watched God drown every enemy in one night. Three days later, they came to Marrah, a place of poisonous, undrinkable water. God had Moses throw a tree into the water and it became sweet. Have you been threatened by a bitter water (word)? Listen, Jesus is the water of the word. What is that word that has come against you? Maybe a word that threatens your life or health? God is ready to fix your water, fix your word; change your word from death to life, from sickness and loss to victory. I noticed that for the entire 40-year wilderness journey, God repeatedly opened the rocks and provided fresh water. Then it hit my spirit to tell you, “There is a life-giving water under your feet for every step you take on this journey to your promised land.” Yes, it can feel like the hot burning desert, but God is always our water of the word, our daily supply. God knew where the water was. That is why he led them every step of the way to their promised land. The body of Christ will face many difficult choices and decisions on our journey to our personal promised land. The prophetic word is always available to you and it is always correct in its ability to lead us. You have been freed from your past, now walk in obedience and you will be led by the Holy Spirit in God’s perfect timing, directions and blessing. I have been directed of the Lord to be prepared to bring you a fresh water of the word answer for your steps on your journey this year. We are called together to fulfill His eternal and glorious work. Please allow me to be informed of your needs.

June is destined to be a life-changing month. It will be a time for divine interventions which no one can do without. It will see a continued shaking and, yes, the removal of everything that would hinder the kingdoms work from being established in your life. We will walk with you and, as a true shepherd, I will help guide your step into God’s fullness. I believe that you know that you are loved and appreciated. I stand in agreement that God will stop all premature death threats that come against you and your house daily. Send us all your needs and concerns so we can stand with you every day in prayer. God’s Word never fails when we ask in faith.



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