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As I was in prayer earlier today, I felt led to write this letter to you. I was sensing that a powerful wind of revival is beginning to blow our way. It seems that, for many years, people have desired the kind of a move of the Holy Ghost power like we experienced from the first day I left home to begin full time ministry 52 ½ years ago. The kind of revival that is soon coming is one that must be sought for diligently. It comes with prayer, fasting, and with a hunger and great expectation. God has promised the latter rain. I recall, even as a child, the term “latter rain” was mocked. I realize we have experienced a variety of moves of God over the last decades, but what we must have, in this evil hour, is the purest form of God’s anointing that produces Holy conviction and miracles, not to impress, but to glorify God with undeniable healing for the mind, soul and body. God raised up miracle ministries and the whole world felt the impact back then. I was honored to be a part of the first miracle movement and I will not miss out on this one.

As we were entering 2019, the Lord spoke to me about the necessity of shaking out of us and from around us - everything that needed to be shaken (removed) so that only His kingdom would stand up within us. I have never seen such powerful and needed changes as we are still seeing daily. Also, I have been speaking so much lately about the passing over from all that is old into the all new realms of the spirit. I know that you are tired of the status quo. I know that you, too, are ready for an outpouring of His spirit that will set the captives free and destroy every yoke. Beloved, that is the promise of God to us who seek Him diligently. To me, that is all that really matters anymore.

As I am typing, I feel an urgency to act in faith and begin this holy-anointing process. Beginning today, I will be laying my hands on some special anointing oil. I want to bottle some of it and send it to you as a point of contact. In faith, I will decree for the impossible and yet unfulfilled dreams and visions that God has placed in your life. I want you to be able to have the same anointing flowing at your house. So, anoint yourself first, then your loved ones, and then your home. Let us obey the spirit and agree for everything God wants to accomplish in your life, body and family.

Do you believe with me today that God wants to do a finished work in His body?

Are you willing and ready to remove all preconceived limits on God’s ability?

Just ask. There is never a cost for the anointing oil. The only thing God requires is an act of faith to ask for it and receive all that it will represent in your life. Yes, Cathy and I greatly need and appreciate your sacrificial support, but God has greater plans that I want you to take a hold of today. We really do love you. Let’s begin to shout the glory in unity. God’s Word never fails when we ask in faith.



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