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As I write this letter, my heart is so full of anticipation and excitement for what lies ahead of us on this journey. Recently, the Lord reminded us that we are not to look ahead just for the end of all promises, but to enjoy every step as He divinely leads toward our completed and total victories. Looking back over my decades of serving my King, I have enjoyed some of the most wonderful experiences imaginable. I have met many of the kingdom’s most effective ministers and singers. I have loved and enjoyed my wife and children, but there were times when, for the moment, I forgot my promises and failed to be thankful enough for what God was continually doing through me. This was wasted time indeed. So, this year, I want all of us to allow God’s presence to remind us daily that He is working mightily in our behalf even when we do not see it or understand it by natural senses. This way, we will continually enjoy every detail of our God given journey. That is His plan for us.

Let me remind you that God is still shaking everything necessary out of our lives that must be removed so His glory can be reveal and established. Now, when a situation happens, we will be able to earnestly CONTEND for the faith once delivered to the saints. The Word declares, “It is not he that begins in the race, but he that ENDURES to the end, the same shall be saved.” It truly will require much effort to complete this spiritual marathon.

Let me share with you what I saw in the life of an anointed boy named David. After serving for years, he returned home from a mighty battle only to find that his own city, Ziklag, was burned to the ground. He watched as his soldiers were distressed, because, like David, all their wives and children were taken captive. Everything they owned was stolen. David heard them planning to stone him, thinking it was somehow his fault. David called the priest to bring the ephod and asked God, “What shall I do?” God said, “PURSUE, then when you begin to pursue, you will overtake all you have lost and, AS you pursue, you will recover all.” I am so thankful that this is a fresh Word for you and me today. We will contend, we will endure hardness, as a good soldier, and we will pursue our losses and we, too, will recover all that has been taken. God promised that, when the enemy steals anything from His children, He will make him restore it back to us seven-fold. I am ready. I know that you too are ready, and this is our season and year of restoration. Yes, we will recover all.



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