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I have good news for you! God has plans to direct, protect, and bless you every step you take this year. I am excited as I look at His Word and Will for His chosen children. This year we will pass through fires of adversity only to pass through and look back laughing from the other side of the furnace. We will begin to rejoice with greater and greater victories and blessings with each exciting season. Beloved, believe me, “there is never defeat in the Holy Spirit.” Where God has chosen to lead us is preplanned and destined to be exciting and rewarding beyond measure. God spoke to me that He will gently take us through fires of purification. These fires will remove the adversaries and all debris that has accumulated in our lives. Oh, the freedom we will begin to experience as we walk out of every situation this year that we only thought was against us.

New Year’s Eve, God spoke something to my spirit that I have never witnessed in 56 years of ministry. He reminded me that, in the old days when an enemy conquered a territory, they would “salt the land.” When land is salted, it cannot produce a seed again. It hit me strongly when He promised me that, for everyone willing to believe, He will salt the enemy’s territory and all about our lands and no seed / word or threat from Satan will be able to come forth in our lives. God has called us “the salt of the earth.” That means we are the power to stop every threat from the enemy and kill those seeds of fear and defeat once and for all. Glory.

Some have asked me, “What will God be doing in 2022?” Yesterday in prayer, the Lord spoke boldly in my spirit: “I will do what I have always done. I will still save, heal, fix and deliver all who trust in me.” In this hour, we must have a fresh outpouring of God’s powerful anointing in all the earth and that is exactly what He has promised. So, get ready for a glorious change in the atmosphere of the anointing. It has already been declared and promised for those of us who will stand in faith for this dark world.

My spirit has been quickened that God will divinely direct us each step and I am preparing my heart to allow the daily flow of prophetic wisdom and guidance to direct me as I lead all who trust this ministry into their fullness and the manifestation of their Jubilee & reaping seasons. Please stay closely in touch with us and, together, we will witness every promise He has given.



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