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I love this time of the year so much! Not only are the leaves changing colors, but in the spirit realm everything is changing as well. We have just held our annual Spirit of Truth Ministers Conference where we truly witnessed the presence of God literally changing lives, souls, and bodies. Salvation is the greatest gift that God gives, and we witnessed souls being saved & miracles taking place. One of our new brothers had served in Iraq for over 4 years working near “burn pits” where, like him, many of our soldiers contracted double melanoma, 4th stage bone cancer. Doctors say it is incurable but, as soon as I told him God was healing him, the painful growth that was protruding out of his chest instant disappeared. He was so excited! His children felt where it had been and now know that God is really a healer. God is always giving. Another sister, just standing in the front row in the presence of God, saw a vision of her damaged back being put back together. She, too, was instantly healed. God is always giving! That woman’s daughter, who had been waking up daily blind in her right eye with unbearable migraines, was also healed. Those dealing with breast cancer and many other illnesses have been restored back to health. God is always giving! For several weeks now on Saturday from 9 to 10am at our Washington Court House location, we have opened for an hour of prayer. It has truly ignited this healing & miracle outpouring like many have never witnessed in their lives. God has promised that we are entering a glorious move of the Holy Ghost power and the world desperately needs the church to become “Good and Faithful Servants.”

It is hard to believe how fast time is flying by. As we face the next two months, we are overjoyed at the prospects of hundreds of children and families being blessed by our annual Christmas Outreach – this year being held in Ohio. The local school leaders will help identify those in greatest need. We work all year buying supplies and now we are finalizing how to best meet the needs of every child in every age category. We supply all new items only: coats, hats, gloves, shoes, socks, their choice of a wonderful age-appropriate toy, etc. and ensure that all children have their own blankets and pillows. In this extra-busy season, we have a lot to finish but are looking forward to the Outreach and remember how we always come away with tears of joy at seeing lives changed as every child learns that we are there to share Jesus’ love for them. If your heart is touched and you can come along side and help make it all happen, we would be greatly honored. Literally, hundreds of families will benefit by our united compassionate love this year. Remember, “God is always giving.” We are His hands extended.

Finally, God says, when you hear of wars and rumors of wars (a world in trouble), not to be afraid. In the midst of it all, we shall be protected and blessed. Thank you for giving to the Lord, lives are daily being changed for eternity. We do love you dearly. Your requests will be taken to the alter of God in agreement and fervent prayer.



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