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I have a strong and timely word from God for you today. Approximately 32 years ago, a spiritual mother of Dr. Lester Sumrall’s church in South Bend, Indiana brought a demon possessed young lady for me to minister to. God delivered her and, when Dr. Sumrall saw what God was doing in our ministries, he invited me to share our ministry with him on his television programs. About this time, he came to the Columbus area to be celebrated for his 85th birthday; we were invited. At that event, one of his guests was the late Demos Shakarian. Demos began the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship. I recognized him sitting alone at a table and felt led to approach him and tell him how much I appreciated his worldwide ministry accomplishments. By this time in his life, he had suffered a stroke which paralyzed his left side. I will never forget what happened at that moment. He reached up, laid his good hand upon my chest, and said “Young man you are getting ready to turn a great corner in your ministry. You soon will touch multitudes.” A month later, I signed a media contract and we began reaching over 3.5 billion souls a week.

In the last few days, God spoke to me that He is reviving His personal and individual word of promise and, for all who will believe, you will begin NOW to turn the corner into all that you have believed and prayed for. I am so thrilled because it is already beginning to happen. In the bible, we see that Judas at the Lord’s last supper decided to betray his savior. He turned the corner of betrayal. Jesus said, about Judas, “It would have been better for him to have never been born.”

Mark 5 tells us about 3 people who turned the greatest corners of their lives. The demoniac, Legion, was filled with 2,000 demon spirits, but when he saw Jesus get off the boat, he turned the corner from total possession to total freedom. That same day, Jairus came to Jesus, hoping to turn the corner in his dying daughter’s life. Although he was interrupted on His way to Jairus’ house by a woman who decided to turn the corner of her blood disease, Jesus walked her around the corner, from dying back to a healthy life. As Jesus was delayed, someone told Jairus that he was too late and not to bother Jesus. Jesus was on His way to raise Jairus’ daughter from death, but He was “too late.” I am writing to tell you, today, Jesus is never too late, and I decree that He will walk you around your corner, back to new life and victory. This is your new season. Once you come around this holy corner by faith, do not ever again try to look back. Defeat is back there, leave it and go on around this corner of miracle intervention! I feel the Holy Ghost confirmation on this Word for right now. This is going to be a great month. First, April 3rd is our 48th wedding anniversary and the 18th is our April’s 37th birthday. Then, Spring Revival, is destined to bring us around every new corner we face with the greatest victories ever. Send us your request and God will turn the corner you face.



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