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Cathy and I have been in much prayer for you and for your walk with God to be blessed. I want to express to you something very simple that God showed me to encourage you. This has been a such a traumatic season for most people, yet I have been hearing the Lord say, “Encourage my children. Remind them that I am always very present with them.” I always love planning our annual family vacation. This may sound childish, but for me, just knowing that I will soon be able to spend rare and needed time with each of our children produces such a sweet anticipation. I love this almost as much as the actual event. While we were meditating on this, the Lord showed me just how much He desires for you to enjoy the journey that daily lies before you. Simply put, Your Heavenly Father, God, wants you to remain excited every day for the life He has given you. Eternity is in the future, but God made His servant to write this truth for us, “This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.” Stop and think with me today, “Why am I waiting until I die to enjoy all of my precious God given life?”

May I prophecy to you right now? God is saying, “I am preparing your reaping season for all that I know you have sown into My kingdom and in your faithful daily walk. I will surely send My ministering angels to fight your every battle and to stop every weapon that Satan would form against you on your walk with Me. I am near you, always. It is My good pleasure to see you enjoying every step that you are walking with Me. I want you to enjoy your family and time with your friends. Begin today with faith expectation to witness the harvest of all the souls you have trusted me to bring into my kingdom.” God wants you to fully enjoy the unbelievable price that He willingly paid to bless you every day. He wants you to feel His presence every moment. I declare to you that God has you in the palm of His great hand and he is ready to honor you for wanting Him and His will in every area of your life.

Expect to feel His presence day and night. Expect His ministering angels to take charge and watch over your life and those you trust Him with. I speak a constant peace and renewed hope to control everything you are involved in and concerned about today. I pray that you can feel my heart and know that God is changing everything concerning you. I speak healing and new life to your body, REAP IT! I speak emotional peace. REAP IT! I speak a Holy spirit of relaxation to your life. REAP IT! You have been so sacrificial in supporting the kingdom of God and His work on earth. We honor and love you for helping make this ministry possible.



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