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GOD IS SHAKING US by Pastor Don Young

MARCH ON! I hear the Spirit saying “MARCH ON.” I have been feeling a constant stirring in my spirit that we are presently headed toward the finish line of everything that God has originally promised us. Yes, I speak a prophetic reassurance to you, “You are about to experience all that He originally spoke to you concerning every situation and every unusual circumstance.” Over the first two months of 2019, a great shift of activity has already begun…a moving in the heavenly realm. We are witnessing things take place that we have never dreamed or imagined. This is the beginning of a God-sent manifestation for His greater glory. I look back at the many times that we have prayed with families, some for decades, and now we are seeing the exact restoration that God originally spoke to us. Beloved, you are about to see the prophetic manifestation of all your original promises.

A dear friend, who was instantly healed of stomach cancer, in our Buena Park, California revival about 1968, recently reconnected with us to testify. She wanted to remind us that God’s healing is real and it has lasted 50 years. She sounds as strong today as she did that night when her husband and children held her up and slowly walked her into that healing service. I have been hearing the word, ”WHOLE.” Have you ever considered that Jesus did not speak partial healing? He commanded those men and women he touched be made completely whole. We are all about to witness this new beginning of the “greater works” ministry. Expect to experience whole family salvation, phenomenal physical healing, instant and lifesaving deliverance, and faith-stirring miracles. I believe my Father God wants His children to be made completely whole! This season of shaking is not just a sensational moving to thrill us, it is what God has chosen as a must-happen move for His glory to be revealed again to all the earth.

Here at Spirit of Truth Ministries, we are currently experiencing glorious changes and a holy stir in all areas and in every outreach. Remember, whatever God allows to flow down from the head, blesses and changes everything and everyone connected to the body. You’re next! I am asking that you begin now to seek God and believe with us for a greater works move in your life, family, and situations as well. I don’t want anyone that stands with us to be left out. May I ask that you take some special time this month to consider how precious that glory will be as it is revealed, and all the honor that will be given to your Father, God, as he releases the performance of your wholeness and victories? It really is all about Him being glorified.



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