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As we began 2022, God gave us several amazing prophetic promises and truths that are so real, and they are actually happening right before our eyes. The Lord showed me how to activate a truth and allow His Will to work out in every area of our lives. I saw a roadway leading to our future. I was told to pour salt on this road and that He would kill every seed (meaning every lie or threat against our lives) that Satan has planted in our futures to kill, steal, or destroy the blessings in our families, our bodies, and our lives. Recently, in much prayer, I heard the Lord speak to me that if we are to see this spring season begin, we must come into a greater revelation of what God intended. One of the greatest hindrances for all humanity is our ability to hold on to the pains of our personal past. Paul gave us a great revelation when he said, “This one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind me, I press forth to the mark of the high calling which is in Christ Jesus.” Paul must have had a hard time forgetting those precious men of God he had imprisoned or helped to kill for their faith is Jesus before his conversion. He had to forgive and forget so much from His past so he could press on to be able to write most of our New Testament. Forgetting is a great gift from God.

Cathy and I have prayed for and have received grace to forgive what has been done against my life, knowing I cannot hold on to un-forgiveness and be able to thrive in my present blessings, or obtain all that God has desired to do through my hands. When the Lord spoke this word to me, He asked me to declare this truth to your life as well. He wants us to “salt our minds.” The mind is the breeding ground of the remembrance of all past hurts, abuses, pains, and regrets. How do we salt our mind? Just ask God to cover your mind, emotions, and heart with His precious blood. Beloved, nothing that the enemy has planted in our minds for evil or even the effects of all bad memories can produce a negative harvest once we receive the blood application to our mind. Can you see that, as we apply the salt covering (blood covering) to our minds, that it is like pouring concrete over the ground before we build a new building or future? Glory! God has determined so many awesome blessings for your life and future, IF we will just let go of and cover over the past and make room in our minds and hearts for all that God desires in family salvation, deliverance, and blessings. This month, we will be praying for direction and for God to show you how to let go and let God sow His new seed plans for your life.



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