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As I look around at all the changes we are all facing right now, I realize that we truly serve an all-powerful and mighty God. Nature tells us that we are entering the summer season, but God has been revealing many supernatural promises to me. I see that those of us who dwell In the kingdom realm are entering reaping season. Yes, God is the God of all seasons: planting, waiting, and now our glorious reaping season. The Lord shook my spirit with a heavy truth when He said, (Philippians 1:6) “He that began a good work in you, will perform it until that day of the Lord Jesus Christ.” This means that whatever God has started in your life, He will perform and it will continue all your life! Continual and Perfect Reaping.

I have been honored to participate in so many exciting kingdom events in my life that I feel chosen to tell you today that everything God has begun to do for you, anything and everything that He has started to do, although it may have temporarily been hindered, will for sure come to pass. So many of us feel like it has been too long now or maybe we missed our moment of opportunity, etc. I say, “NO!” Scripture shows that He will intervene in some new and divine way to accomplish His greater purpose for and through our lives, families, and future. Habakkuk 2: 3 “For the vision is yet, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry(briefly); wait for it; for it will surely come, and not tarry.” We are entering that gloriously appointed time and season. So, please, believe bigger and ask larger.


We thank you for your love and support. It truly is needed more than ever before. Your sacrifices will never go unnoticed by our Lord. You really are enabling us to sow this world-wide harvest. WE SURE DO NEED YOU AND THANK YOU. I pray God will reveal to you just how much is being accomplished as we labor hand-in-hand, especially in this reaping season. Spiritually, when the sun light shines upon all the seed you have sown, watered by the word, it will generate a warming of the soil of humanity and begin to pull the harvest forth out for the soil of our labors. Remember, our loving God is faithful to finish all He has promised. As you respond with your written requests this month, allow God to show you where we stand in the reaping season. Remain faithful and excited, Gods promises have never failed.



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