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September is always a very exciting time for me. September 1st, I will turn 72 years of age and our son Tom’s birthday will be on the 16th. I hear people say, “I thought it would take longer to get to this age.” Now, as I reflect over my life, I can truly say that I am extremely blessed. God gave me awesome ministry parents, two older brothers, a wife that was created just for me, and three wonderful children. Today as I write to you, I must tell you how much you have meant to me and this ministry. I pray that you can feel the effects that we, together, have around the world. 72 is significant due to the numbers involved…7 means perfection and 2 is unity & agreement. Cathy and I often reflect on how God has placed all of our hands together for His greater glory. Imagine a ministry without the blessing of unity. Imagine how much less would be accomplished without those God unites us with to fulfill each ministry endeavor. With 55 ½ years of full-time ministry, I am still in awe at God’s ways of fulfilling our calling. We are so thankful and grateful to you for believing in us and in this ministry. Let me repeat a word from God, “Your answers may not come the way you expect, be not discouraged. They will come in God’s way and time. God always uses desperate ways for desperate days.”

People often ask me what office I prefer being called by…Bishop, Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, etc. I reply, I am what you need me to be for your answers. I truly just want to be called a servant of the Most-High God, my father. I believe that a servant is the highest calling and most honored by the Lord. Remember when Jesus was about to fulfill his passion, at his last supper with His disciples, he wrapped a towel about his waist and began washing each ones’ feet? He said if you cannot serve one another, you cannot be used in My kingdom. I asked the Lord to show me how I can more perfectly serve/help you, your family, and your callings. As this year progresses, I have determined to be more of a blessing to your life. I want to come along side your situations and help you lift your load. I want to serve you better by seeking God on your behalf. So, this month, when you reply, please just pour out your heart and allow us to intercede more perfectly for whatever concerns you. We do care.

God still has many changes and blessings in store for us this year. God uses desperate ways for desperate days. Relax and trust your unfailing God. The prodigals are beginning their homeward journey. We humbly thank you for your God led sacrifices of support.



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