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Lately, the world has truly been changed. There is a greater threat of death and loss than we have ever witnessed in our lives. But I want you to fully recognize that we are living out the prophetic promises from God that began January 1st, 2020. As we have chosen to believe God’s Word and confidently decided to accept His provision, we are encountering phenomenal changes as well. God has promised and He watches over His Word to perform it, knowing that It cannot return to Him void or unfulfilled. As I was shown recently, it is as though we left Egypt and are now in the middle of an open Red Sea experience. Destruction is all around us, but we are safely hidden in the Covenant. God is leading us through “New Passovers” daily. You will safely pass over all “death threats.”

When Israel was out of Egypt, they passed the Red Sea and all their lifelong enemies were destroyed, once and for all. Next, after being gone from bondage for 2 ½ months, God provided a tree of life to be thrown into a lake of poison water to make it clean. He also provided quail (meat) in the evening and Manna (“bread from heaven”) each morning for 40 years. Notice how each of these provisions represented a Passover provision. Each step they took, God provided a new kind of Passover: from death to life; from thirst to a fresh, bountiful, unlimited supply of fresh water; and from no food to meat for dinner and manna for breakfast. I say to you, saint of God, you too will see our God’s manifest provision, every day, every step of the way to your personal promises and land of plenty.

We have witnessed a glorious new season of divine provision and you too will experience it at your house as you simply remain faithful to His words. I have witnessed that, even with no in-person church services for over a month, God has not allowed this ministry to suffer the loss of its outreaches, influence, or function. God will always speak and provide for His own. I have never been so excited about watching God move for us all every step this year. Please re-read your 2020 prophetic scroll daily.



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