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In this summer that is so filled with constant and unexpected changes, the Lord gave me a powerful insight into what He paid for us and our families. If you look at all the Old Testament/old covenant law and the prophecies, you find that everything pointed to a future time of total restoration of all things Israel had lost. It was all pointing to the very day that the church of the Lord Jesus Christ would be born…on the Day of Pentecost. That word also means Jubilee.

In Leviticus 25, there was a law given throughout Israel for everyone’s benefit. After 49 years of slavery, all slaves were freed. After 49 years of prison or any bondage, all were set totally free. When the Lord gave me this, I was overwhelmed at the blessings we have missed by not fully seeing the full value of God’s covenant with us today. The price paid for our sins was explained to Moses when every father placed lambs’ blood over their door. You cannot use lambs’ blood today because Jesus’ blood is the only sacrifice accepted by God for salvation and protection. If we try to pay for Passover with money, we leave grace and go back under the Law. The Law was completed 50 days after Jesus’ death. He told His disciples to go to Jerusalem and wait for the manifestation of the Holy Spirit. At the moment the spirit of God filled them, they would never be under bondage to man or his laws.

Every day is a Pentecost and Jubilee comes to all who enter into the promise of total restoration. This is where must believe for all our family to be set free from sin and all of Satan’s snares. I want you to begin this month to join us in decreeing total salvation, deliverance, and freedom for your whole house. On the day of Jubilee, the priests blew a trumpet all over the land, demanding every prison door to be opened and all in bondage were commanded to return to their Family. I am seeing this principle working across the land. Beloved, it is our God-given promise for total restoration, spiritually, emotionally, and physically as well. I want to see all your loved ones return to God and to us. We do not wait 50 years for it, it is our moment and we accept this revelation.

We love you and we appreciate your support and the fact that you trust this ministry. We truly thank you for standing with us as we, together, experience our “Pentecost/Jubilee empowerment.” We love and honor your faithfulness. Take a moment each day this month to declare that you accept these prophetic provisions. Don’t forget, we are here to pray over your decrees of total Jubilee with you.



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