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I feel so strongly today that I must encourage you. Let me speak life over you today. No matter what you are feeling in your emotions and whatever is going on in your life, with family, or new circumstances, God is going to be glorified through all these things. This is not a time to allow anything to rob us of what God has already determined for us or allow the thief to rob us of any portion of our destiny. God has promised me that He will guide us prophetically throughout the year ahead. He has been showing me that, even in these uncertain days, He has already promised you that you will reap whatever you have sown into His kingdom. Your faithful God will never be mocked for not fulfilling every promise He has ever made to you. I see that this season shall be your reaping season. Remember, even when Isaac sowed his seed during a famine, he reaped 100-fold return in the desert despite the drought.

God has been stirring my heart to boldly declare a completed victory over you and remind you that we are chosen for His glory. We are predestined to witness the greatest move of God’s spirit that our world has ever seen. So, listen to this promise; it is for you. The hardest part of faith is always holding on when the promise takes longer than we thought. “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall run (again) and not be weary. They shall walk (again) and not faint!” I know that there are areas of your faith walk where you have witnessed God’s unusual timing. God is never in a hurry. His timing is always right because He knows the future and all the details that must happen to make it complete.

2020 has been an amazing year of constant changes. God told us, in advance, that it would be that way. I prophecy that you are going to see the perfected manifestations that you have accepted from the Lord. Please join me and let us stop considering the “what ifs” and no longer focus on the uncertainty created by men. Our loving Father, God, promised me that He will daily walk us through “all things” into our divine destiny.



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