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Beloved, I want you to believe with us like never before that all things are beginning to change. God has heard your cry and He has never failed to answer and accomplish His promises to His children. I fully expect September to be your “spiritual birthday too.” I believe for the birthing of long-awaited answers, deliverances of those you love who are bound, healings, and powerful divine manifestations.

As September comes around again, I am so thankful for all that God has allowed me to witness in the ministry. September 1st, 1949, I was born into a minister’s home. I was raised with an awesome awareness that God was real. As a child, I witnessed phenomenal miracles and healings as my dad prayed for people with desperate needs. I will always be thankful that God chose this life for me and for my family. I was chosen to have the anointing and covering of my own pastor/ father. He, with tears in his eyes, blessed me to leave home at 16 years old and join my brothers (The Young Brothers Evangelistic Team) to begin full-time evangelism. Soon, it will be 57 years since that day. I could write a book about the way God introduced me to the leading ministries in our time and the countries we have had great impact upon. At home and abroad, I have been through the fire, but God has increased me every step of the way. Then, I met my anointed and God-fearing wife, Cathy, who has honored me with three amazing children. And with 50 years of marriage, she has been a divinely chosen example of a pure-hearted associate minister, wife, and mother to multitudes.

As I sat down to write this letter today, I recall the thousands of miracles that I have seen and needed to make it this far and to see so many heavenly successes. As I anticipate my 73rd birthday, I have never been more blessed and thankful to my Lord Jesus Christ for allowing me to serve in His vineyards. I call my ventures the “Domino Effect.”

There is not a season that passes by that we do not glorify God for bringing you into our lives and ministry. Remember, the Word declares that those who give as much as a cup of cold water, in the name of a prophet, will reap the same blessed rewards for their service. We realize that we cannot do this without your love, trust, and sacrifices. Your trust is such a big honor to us. I expect this next year to be full of worldwide attacks against the ministry, the church world, and Jesus. BUT… remember that we are in this world, but we are not of the world. With all the trouble around us, you and I are going to continue to live in another kingdom that is not of this world. We shall be protected and blessed, in the midst of it all!

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