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I WANT TO DECLARE 2021 AS A "HAPPY" NEW YEAR by Pastor Don Young

In this unusually trying season, I have been hearing the Lord say, “Tighten your ranks and draw closer to me and to one another so that you will be near me and become more available to reap My greater favor in the year ahead.” I have been made aware of how desperately we all need each other. Everyone has been gifted, everyone in so many ways. God wants to unite us as one body. In this way, we will benefit from all the blessings that live within His body, His church. Many great benefits and blessings are locked away as we are separated from each other. I recall Jesus’ words to His father, “Make them one, even as you and I are one.”

I have been given this word for you for this season of your life. Can you believe me? This is not an hour to live in questioning and fear. This is God’s time for us, who have been predestined for His glory, to flourish and shine brightly as pure examples of His presence on the Earth. YOU, are chosen for such a time as this. You were not born by chance or even the will of man, but by God who wanted you to live right here, right now. Listen, God Himself has pre-planned your every step and He has given me a promise for you - that you are called to be an administrator of His divine Hope to all of those that He has placed around your life. The Lord revealed to me that everyone who is willing to embrace HOPE right now will never be ashamed; for “HOPE maketh not ashamed.” Therefore, I am asking you today to take 3 steps of faith with me. STEP ONE: Will you, at this very moment, choose to accept perfect HOPE for all that God has promised? STEP TWO: Will you join with me, right now, in declaring Your strongest faith’s decree? STEP THREE: Will you stand boldly no matter what your eyes see or what your ears may hear?

I am seeking God for His prophetic word to lead us together into all that He has designed for us throughout 2021. God has promised to guide us prophetically all throughout 2021. God has HOPE available for your life in 2021 and, together, we will allow Him to declare a completed victory over you and remind you that you have been divinely chosen for His glory. Cathy and I are so thankful for your love and for your desire to help get the gospel out to this lost world. The enemy’s threats do not work for those who are tightly held in our God’s hands of love. We so appreciate you and your sacrificial support. We really do love you.



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