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We are entering a season of life where we can begin to reap from all the seeds that we have sown into God’s Kingdom. I have been made more aware lately that I have never witnessed so many amazing changes…constant changes in every facet of our life. God is doing exactly what He has promised. He is positioning us for the greatest explosion of family salvation that any of us have ever witnessed. I BELIEVE! When we pray, “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven,” we must get ready to fully experience God’s divine intervention, yes, in every facet of our lives. What is it that God cannot do? What is it that we have been seeking God to do that is not yet fully manifested? We must now just believe and stand in faith expecting God to show us His glory. True Jubilee is coming.

I know this is a different way to look at God’s plan, but I am asking for you to take a moment, every day, and ask God to show you who He is positioning, that is to say, who He is setting up for you to speak a word of salvation to or maybe just how to plant a simple seed of the “good news”/gospel to remind them of God’s eternal plan for their lives. We must always be ready to give an answer to mankind of the hope that lies within us. I want to help you to claim your whole family for eternal life. This is, I believe, the most exciting yet critical hour of soul-winning that I have ever experienced. We are seeing young and old alike coming to faith in Jesus because of our serious efforts.

The Lord woke me this morning and gave me a word for you. He said, “Rebuke all the lingering effects of the coronavirus and of all the recent influenzas that have been hanging over my children.” I believe our immune systems are strengthened, despite the negative attacks against us and those we love. When we begin to pray for it and believe it, we will again experience the greatest gift that God ever promised, salvation, health, and increase. Do not forget this most valuable promise that God has already given to those who of us who will daily accept it and begin to decree for your loved ones, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” I am seeing long-term illnesses broken and new life and youthful energies restored. All of this is paid for by our precious Lord’s life-giving blood.



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