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As I watch the many changes that are happening all around the world, I realize why God gave me this dire warning: “I will shake everything that can be shaken, so only what is in the kingdom, which cannot be shaken, will remain.” I keep hearing the Lord telling me to remind you that, “This is the truly the beginning of your season of total reaping for all the years of your faithful sowing to My kingdom.” We can and we will experience the manifestation of God’s presence in our families and in reaping salvation, healing, and life. All during this July season, God will not allow the enemy to steal our blessings of provision as we stand in the promises of spiritual reaping. God spoke to me again during this Father’s Day season to watch for divine opportunities for strategic positioning that will result in those we love being placed where they need to be to have the precious seed of eternal life placed in their hearts. I speak divine influencers to come into divine alignment with your unsaved loved ones.

I DECLARE THAT JULY IS FREEDOM MONTH, will you agree with me? Where any two or three agree, touching what they desire, that is in Gods will and in His purpose, will be granted. I want us to expect fullness of freedom to begin now! My heart has broken for so many who are so precious but lost. Many that we know who are painfully addicted, confused, or bound by the traps of Satan.

I remember how much innocent blood has been shed down through the ages, blood of the martyrs and soldiers, and, yes, of Jesus who fought and bled for our freedom, for our family, spiritually and naturally. It’s time to reap the sacrificial blood over all we need. Will you join us in prayer this month for these special promises to come alive in your life and family?



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