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This year has begun like a whirlwind! When God gave me the Prophetic Scroll, I knew that we were in for fast-paced changes in all areas of our lives and ministries. I am sure you are seeing this as well. I remember teaching this simple truth for many years, “God uses desperate ways for desperate days.”

Look around at how the enemy is using fear to hinder many from their service to God. Everywhere we look, we see death threats. Recently, while in much prayer, the Lord spoke to my heart from Mark 9:22. It was concerning a desperate father that had brought his son to Jesus’ disciples for deliverance. They were unable to set the boy free. The boy was quite suicidal. He would throw himself into the fire or into water. Jesus rebuked that spirit of “premature death” and it came out of this child. When the Lord explained the limitations of His disciples’ faith, He said, “This kind cometh out only after fasting and prayer.” Watch this, addictions…and we all know those who have them…are really bondage in a cunning form of premature death. The boy in scripture was bound and was forced to try to end his young life over many attempts. I had never seen the power of this life-extending and lifesaving promise until this revelation came. Here at Spirit of Truth, we are designating March as a month of fasting and prayer. I want everyone who can and is willing to join with us on whatever level that you are led and as you personally can. I appreciate rehab ministries and they are doing good work, but some of our loved ones need divine interventions. Remember, God uses desperate ways for desperate days, and we surely know that we are living in desperate days.

We expect a tremendous harvest of souls this month. Cathy has ministered powerfully in our Tuesday night Body Building services and now we are seeing souls coming to the Lord. People of all ages are asking for salvation. One night, several accepted Jesus, excited with unashamed tears of thanksgiving. It is truly a move of God, and we must work while the Spirit of God is drawing children to Himself. We want to include your unsaved loved ones as well.

As, together, we begin this season of fresh anointing, I want to remind you to take all limits off of our Lord. He has all power and He is waiting for us to boldly “call those things that are not yet as though they already were.” I pray that you can feel this excitement in His Spirit as God is preparing to get greater glory for Himself with each deliverance and with each soul we see set free. Jesus’ death and suffering was not in vain, it is our reaping season. In Jesus’ name.

We love you and we want to stand boldly with you through every situation and challenge you will face. We will have your back and, together, we want to win more souls than ever. That is our reason to live...



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