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SEPTEMBER 1, 1949: VINITA, OKLAHOMA by Pastor Don Young

They say that time flies. Well, on September 1st, I turn 71 years old. I am thankful every day for all that my God has allowed me to experience and accomplish for His kingdom glory. On September 16th, our son, Tom, turns 41. I have been blessed beyond measure. I have the wife of my dreams and three children who work alongside of us in their own gifts and callings. On December 25th, I will celebrate 55 years of full-time ministry. I am richly blessed with my God’s favor and daily presence. I am honored to pastor three amazing churches and loving congregations & ministry partners who help make possible all of our worldwide ministries and outreaches. Cathy and I realize it is because you have been chosen to assist and share your love that we can do the impossible and that, together, bring souls into eternal life.

As we began this year, I was given my most prophetic and timely Prophetic Scroll ever. Who could have imagined that we were going to need such spiritual insights and direction? As we turned this corner, our lives and ministry would never be the same. I want you to prepare yourself for that fact that we must begin to see Bible-days miracles and provision as we face our uncertain futures. I want you to know that my “God’s got this!” I am reminded of the days when, just as all Israel was doomed to be destroyed, God raised up one lady, Queen Esther, to turn the world around and save her nation in a day! You and I are also called to bring a great deliverance. Yes, we too are called for such a time as this. Please, do not allow the enemy to weaken or distract your mind from this truth. God is right there with you, always. “I will never leave you, nor forsake you. Lo I will be with you always, even to the end!” I feel a wind of peace and blessing that is beginning to blow over your life and family, right now! We shall not be moved. God spoke to my heart, “Every day, I will be daily changing everything about your life and I will reveal My glory every step we take.“ You will begin to experience a greater presence and peace because you know He is present. I am thrilled with you for what you are going to experience, even in these seemingly troubles times.



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