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June is more than the beginning of a new summer season. I feel the Spirit telling me that you can expect God to begin to grow your faithfully planted seeds out of the dry ground and, through eyes of faith, get excited again in anticipation for a full and completed harvest. Yes, I know that we are entering a season of life where we can begin to reap all that we have sown into God’s Kingdom. I know that you have sown powerful seeds of salvation into the rich soil of humanity, and I know that God will never be mocked - whatever you have sown, you will reap, in like manner, a full and multiplied harvest. This is the year to begin witnessing our whole family salvations.

Remember that God has spoken for us to expect many lives to be changed, saved, and delivered - with miracle healings and greater health. I know that you have begun to realize that, as this “holy shaking” continues, it will bring about constant changes for our benefit and for God’s greater glory. I am thrilled at what the Spirit has shown us, and we are already witnessing the beginning of all He promised. You sowed in tears. Now, reap in joy!

Recently, God gave me a message detailing how, all throughout scripture, He saved entire families with different kinds of “life-saving arks.” How Noah must have loved His family enough to tell them about the destruction coming upon the earth. He must have been a man of integrity for his house to believe he heard God warning him about something that no one had ever witnessed before. He did something that we all must do…warn our family about God’s eternal promises. Moses’s mother, when threatened with the death of her son, built him a literal ark of reeds. In Egypt, God told every Israelite father to bring his family into the house, where the blood was placed over the door. This house became their “ark of safety.” ALL OF THE FAMILY MEMBERS who obeyed the warning of pending destruction entered the ark (house) and all were saved. When the harlot Rahab accepted the God of the Israelites, she made a covenant with the spies who came to conquer the land. She was given a covenant for her father’s family who would stay inside her house (ark of safety). All were saved. God spoke to my heart to warn everyone that we too must speak the gospel covenant word to our family members and pray a word covenant over them. If God saved the harlot Rahab’s entire family, He can save yours. This month, I want you to begin to pray a blood covenant of salvation over all of your family. I believe that, in this hour, your ARK OF FAMILY SALVATION will be built by speaking hope to your loved ones and words of prayer and covenant to God. We stand with you. THIS IS OUR WHOLE MINISTRY PURPOSE! A Summer of Soul Harvest is available, and we accept it. We love you and appreciate how God has connected our hearts for souls. Thank you for helping us win souls.



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