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I am so thankful every day for your love and to God for giving me another great year to minister for God’s glory. This has been the most unusual year of changes and yet it has brought us into greater blessings than we have witnessed in our lives and ministry. The Lord spoke to my heart that, as we enter the second phase of the worldwide pandemic season, He will turn it into the second phase of new beginnings and blessings for all His faithful children. For months now, fear has dominated so many lives. Questions about tomorrow have frightened many people so that they are turning from their faith and are beginning to doubt “the pronounced promises of God.”

My friend, this is certainly not the time to allow doubt and fear to destroy all that God has previously promised for your life, family, and future. I want to agree this month with and for you that the prophetic provisions of God will become your daily manna (bread). I have great confidence that what God has spoken to me prophetically cannot ever fail, when we fully accept and choose to believe His pronounced promises. There is no possibility of failure with God or in His promised provision. I stress to you today that now is the time to fully accept, by your personal faith, that God has chosen you and He is leading you to your destiny and His planned future for you. Lately, I have been honored and blessed to receive several testimonies concerning a prophetic promise that I gave to individuals, some from many years ago. They are, right now, manifesting and shocking the receiver. God releases His promises right on time, every time. Time can be the enemy of those waiting on God’s manifestations. God has all your provision and pronounced promises safe in His timeline for you. I feel this is the season of new releases for what God has told you personally!

We have had special revivals all summer. I have never witnessed such amazing turnarounds and releases of life-giving changes as we are seeing right now. As we enter this second phase of pandemonium, hold on for the most glorious and life-changing season of your life. It is God who works all thing together for your good and for His eternal glory. God has taught us that praising Him in the middle of our testing season always produces a great harvest of new blessings and adds much needed strength to the faithful believer. I am thrilled to say, “Your greatest blessings are all coming to pass beginning in the middle of this new faith season.”



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