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As we all face these uncertain days, I am reminded that we are living in God’s exact prophetic timing and we are on God’s prophetic calendar. Thanksgiving is more than a fall festival when we eat a meal with loved ones; Thanksgiving is the doorway into God’s presence. We can only enter His gates with thanksgiving and then we can enter His courts with praise. The old covenant tabernacle reveals this as a picture for us to see how God made a way for us to access His presence. I want us, especially during this month, to be more aware and live in an attitude of thankfulness and appreciation. I begin every prayer with Father God, I am thankful…then, I follow with my petition and love for Him, as I am made ever more aware of His presence and power. What it is that you really desire for God to accomplish for you, your family or what situation are you facing right now? I want to agree with you, prophetically, and stand in thanksgiving for those things that only our loving Father can do for us.

This entire summer and fall season, we have had many soul-stirring revivals, but today, more than ever, I am sensing a moving of the spirit that will change everything in our lives. Whatever is destined to bring God the greater glory and benefit us, His elect children. With churches shutting down, even for a season, there has been an awakening, a feeling of loss of those things and services that we were so accustomed to. Again, the Lord reminds me what He told us…expect everything about us to change constantly, yes, daily. When we feel like life is in suspended animation, it really is. When we sense change is going to happen, we are feeling what God is presently doing. Do not fight for the old ways, when God says, “Behold, I am going to do a new thing, shall ye not know it?” You and I are part of God’s glorious yet unusual plan. God is asking you to prepare to adapt to this new thing! Imagine when God brought Israel out of their houses and all the bondages of Egypt. He immediately asked them to trust Him to lead them through a long pathway where they had nothing but trust. Imagine the constant changes they encountered. Our days ahead will be different, but the same God of total provision will constantly guide us into every fulfilled promise with perfect provision. This is a time for more prayer, so that we constantly are ready to hear His voice. He wants to lead us daily.



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