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I have been led, in every service in October at each of our Spirit of Truth locations, to take special time to pray with every believer for miracles. Yes, in obedience, I will do this in every service, all month long. I want you to prepare your heart for God to unleash a mighty move of healing and miracles. I am excited to see what Almighty God has planned for us who are willing to take a bold step of faith in our Lord and just believe. I am asking that you consider bringing your family members, a friend, or loved ones who need a miracle touch. I want to come into agreement with your faith for something that only God can accomplish.

In scripture, we see that Jesus deliberately walked across the nation of Israel speaking life to the sick and restoring broken lives back to health. He purposely called out every kind of need for a miracle. His offer still stands, “Come unto Me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden (loaded down with pain or sickness) and I will give you rest.”

I believe that we are approaching a divine hour when we will begin to experience God’s overwhelming miracle power. I know that we are going to be used to bring about great glory to our wonderful and deserving God. Yes, even in a world torn in every direction by satanic attacks, I want you to remember that our God has already defeated the enemy and that Jesus crushed his head under his victorious feet.

Is anything too hard for God? NO!

I love to watch the praise that flows from Debbie, a member of our Columbus congregation. Debbie is one of our powerful, healing miracles. She was totally healed from 4th stage lung cancer just over a year ago and now I watch her face as she radiates with a thankful heart and rejoicing on the front row on Thursday nights. God does not limit His blessings and miracles to a few. Whosoever will, may come and drink of water / river of life, freely. Let us accept all that Jesus suffered to provide.

Cathy and I do appreciate you. We honor your faithfulness and strengthening support so very much. Dependable friends in ministry are special and greatly needed. We really do love you. We stand in faith right now and fully expect God’s miracle healings for you.



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