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I love it when God reminds us that He has chosen us to live in this very hour. Imagine this, He has predestined us to be used for His glory and bring life to His broken world. We are placed upon the earth right on time. Remember what Mordechai told Queen Esther, “Who knows but that you were called for such a time as this.” She was used of God to save all of God’s people from destruction. God always has an Esther. He always has a deliverer. I am asking for all my friends to draw closer to God and prepare.

The Lord spoke to me to consider the widow of Zarephath. When the Prophet Elijah was sent to her, she was down to one final meal - her death meal - with her son. God asked for her to give Him her last meal. Before He could multiply the last handful of meal in her barrel and the last few drops of oil left in her cruise. God asked to be put first in her life. Even facing the crisis of certain death for her and her son, she drew closer to God and obediently gave His prophet what seemed to be her last. This one command of God was “put Me first,” then He could tell her “Your meal barrel will never run empty during the famine you and your son will live.” I am so thrilled to speak this over the body of Christ today because God is first in your life. All through the Bible, God shows us examples covering every situation we face as humanity…that He has been and is our present help right here, right now. He is here more powerfully than ever, so let’s put God first as never before and every day remember he’s our personal God right here right now.

As darkness increases and mankind seeks after everything but God, we find ourselves in a spiritual pandemic, or euroclydon, that is going to awaken our families to the need of God and to put Him first. Look up, look above what you see, and look above what you’re hearing. God lives above all of it and is willing to take good care of His people in every area of life in the midst of every change. This is the day the Lord has made, and I choose to rejoice and be glad in it.



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