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WHAT DO YOU SEE? by Pastor Don Young

Looking back over 53 years of miracles and ministry, I am more excited than I have ever been as we look forward to all that has promised. Even now, it is beginning to come to pass. What do you see? Allow me to remind you today that my God has always been there for us and that He has and always will be faithful. As we look forward at this new year, with spiritual 20/20 vision, we will begin to see very clearly that God is now and always has been in total control of every detail of our lives. If we allow Him full control and trust Him, this will certainly become our greatest year ever. Are you beginning to see it?

At our New Year’s Eve service in Washington Court House, Ohio, I am going to anoint every willing soul for the perfected vision of God to begin in their lives, their families and for our future. First, we will be cutting off all the past hindrances and doubtful imaginations as we embark on this renewed faith journey toward our own personal promised lands. I want you to be able to have the vision to see it. I have received a Word from the Lord that will launch us forward; a prophetic word and promise that God will walk us through every day this year. When God brought His chosen people, Israel, out of Egyptian bondage, He severed the past and enriched their lives with all they would need to make their promised land journey and to see God’s totally completed promises. Can you see that what He did for them He will do for us? I want you to be in prayer for God’s 2020 vision to become your own. We all realize that our Father God already sees what lies ahead. It is only ours if we choose to accept His vision and His perfect plans for all we face. Allow your personal faith to grow and to be ready for many new changes that will provide greater victories. Can you see it?



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