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When I pray, my very first words are to thank God. The Word teaches us that we cannot enter His gates without a thankful heart. Imagine this, when we are truly thankful as we approach His throne of grace, we are already believing in our hearts that God is willing and able to supply our every need, all according to His riches in glory through Christ Jesus. I feel a celebration in my spirit as I encourage you with this truth today. I am simply asking that you allow me to join you in your thanksgiving prayers and worship as we petition our Father to accomplish all that we need, especially those things that the world cannot help us with.

Over the last year, many have fallen by the wayside in their service to the Lord. The constant battle over fear and threats against our health, faith, and family exacerbates this tendency to just fold our hands and fear the unknown. I love you so much and I want you to being to do what the Holy Ghost spoke to us all to do during our powerful Spirit of Truth Ministry Conference…THRIVE!!! We all may have tended to simply strive in our God-called service. God is not satisfied to leave us in the struggles. He wants us to walk out of all hindrance and attacks, thriving to the fullness of the life He gave us to enjoy. Satan is a liar and he cannot keep us in a living a limited life anymore.

I noticed that in our fasting and prayer season, God opened the windows of heaven and released a brand-new start for everyone seeking His best. Cathy and I want God’s very best for you, your family, your health, and your calling. We know that God is ready to show you how to begin your reaping season. You are a Sower; God is a Grower! He will not be mocked; whatever you have sown, He must command a beginning for your reaping season. It has begun. Jump in!!!



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