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Today, has been one of the most tremendous days of fulfillment and blessings ever. The Spirit of God has been consuming my soul with powerful truths about our loving Father. I have rarely been under such a powerful anointing to speak the word of God as I experienced all day Sunday. Luke 21:13 sets the stage for where are right now under His covenant. I was shaken to realize how much the enemy will try to attack the preconceived covenant promises of God from fully becoming our reality. Through it all, God will turn around everything in our path to bring about our greatest victories

Every greatly used man or woman of God had to go through a great test in order to come out on the other side with their greatest testimony. Luke writes, “It, (*whatever that promise means to you), shall turn to you for a testimony.” I asked the saints, “What would we know about the three Hebrew children if there had been no life-threatening test?” It was the fiery furnace before them that caused them to declare, “We don’t know if God will deliver us, but we will be delivered from your threats.” What would we know about Daniel if there was no death threat by devouring lions? Beloved, we cannot look at what we see with our natural eyes, we must see, by faith, what God said shall be. God is turning our sorrow into joy!

It was the cruel beating and prison test that Paul and Silas endured that determined the fate of the Philippian jailor and his whole family, plus the salvation of a prison full of doomed prisoners. These servants faced certain execution without God’s divine intervention.


It’s our turn to experience family turnarounds, health turnarounds, financial, and emotional turnarounds. Yes, in every area of your life, it will turn to you for a testimony! Look all through the word of God and again realize that the enemy will try to cause us to doubt that our turnarounds are destined of God to bring our completed victories and that our loving Father God gets greater glory through our lives tests.

Cathy and I want to say a huge thank you for enabling us to increase our arms of outreach around the world. We truly are so much better together. I have never been more confident about our future and for the reaping season that is available for us; the souls we are daily winning together for eternity. We love you so very much. We are honored by your trust and wonderful support. God is turning around all that you believe for.

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