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Thanksgiving Is A Benefit Of True Faith by Pastor Don Young

I am still rejoicing over the many blessings we all received during our annual Spirit of Truth Ministers Conference. I believe that the impact will continue to bless and revolutionize the lives and ministries that were in attendance for a long time. In November, we will stop for a while to be thankful to God and we will enjoy family ties. We are a blessed people and we all have so much to be thankful to God for. In our recent meetings in Michigan and Illinois, we experienced the eternal value that is coming back to us due to the decades of pouring into the lives of those who are willing to be used of God. Countless lives have been saved and helped by so many of our dear and precious ministers and their co-workers that God sent us to touch so long ago. It is rewarding.

Recently, we signed the papers to purchase the property next to our Washington Court House church. God instantly gave us confirmation of His favor and began to speak to the hearts of His people to give toward the purchase. A number of people have made faith vows of $1,000; some promised to give more, others a little less, and some of these have already received unexpected finances and paid theirs. Others promised to do it over the next year. We are thrilled to see that God has a glorious future in store for us as we walk in obedience to His plans and labor together. We began a remodeling process at the Springfield church as well. God is truly giving us new beginnings in all areas of this ministry. The Lord has given us many words of confirmation as to how He will prosper the hands of all who are willing and involved in this hour of ministry. Our lives will reflect how much we are thankful for His presence and love for all that He has done for us.

We look forward all year to our annual Christmas Appalachia Outreach the first weekend of December. We have not mentioned much about it and the need is great, but it will change so many lives and help hundreds of precious needy families this year. Pray about what God would have you do to help make this mighty outreach a greater blessing.



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