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Our Covenant of Total Family Salvation: No One Missing. Nothing Broken. by Pastor Don Young

How quickly time is passing us by. It seems that just a few days ago that we were busy with our Appalachian Christmas Outreach. Now, we are already preparing for our Spring Revival in May. I cannot remember a time when God’s Spirit was moving so quickly. I feel strongly that He is preparing us for what we have all been expecting to receive - all He has ever promised. We call it the “ALL THINGS” manifestation. Looking at our world situation, we hear God speaking and preparing to use all of us to intervene with His Word and great power. Together, there is nothing we cannot do for God’s kingdom.

What is it that you are still waiting to see revealed? April begins with our Easter Resurrection Service. I see this as more than an annual event. I know that God is setting all of us up as He begins allowing us to see our divine destinies revealed and fulfilled. This month, we will be standing strong upon God’s Word and upon our every promise, so that we can walk in total freedom and victory. The enemy has no right to control or hinder any blessing that God has planned for His greater glory. When you write back, please use great faith and strong authority as you confess what God has promised, along with what you are believing to see completely finished. Your destiny is a loving promise from God. God promises to give us total victory - nothing missing, nothing broken. Amen.

I am proclaiming this month and this year for “total family salvation.” Family salvation is paid for by Jesus’s blood; it is promised by His Holy Spirit. It is time to align our faith with what God has already spoken over our lives, families and, yes, our eternal destiny. The future belongs to God. We shall benefit from every one of His unshakeable promises. It starts afresh now!

Will you be in agreement with us for every outreach accomplish more for God’s glory than ever? Will you write down and declare this month for your family’s destiny to be revealed? Together, we can do ALL THINGS.



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